Info for Models


Work requirements

     Depending on the job, there are various requirements. However, spending time with clients and having fun with them is a fundamental thing to do. You will be paid for your time and companionship and fees will vary depending on your services. You will choose whether or not you wish to proceed to other actions, this being a matter of mutual consent between yourself and the client.

How much money can I earn?

     It is entirely up to you. An escort can earn a minimum of 1500 euro/week. Your abilities and your entertaining skills can get you as much as 3500 euro/week.

Safety at work

     Working in Denmark is entirely legal. This is one of the few European countries that legally allow escorts services to take place. You will be enjoying the company of working girls who share your interest and skills, in a safe and legal environment. All your interests will be met through the Danish Law.

Can I refuse clients I do not like?

     Yes. The choice is entirely yours. You will not be forced to work unless you have given your consent.

What paperwork do I need in order to start working right away?

     You are required to have permission of living and working in the EU. Therefore, you will need a valid passport, an ID card or a residence permit.

Fees and commissions

     As an agency, we charge no fees from models, or commissions. You will never be asked for money for any of the jobs we can provide you with. 

When can I quit the job?

     You have the right to quit your job at any time. However, from an ethical point of view, it is recommended that you officially announce your decision. The Clubs you will be working for will respect you decision. Moreover, they will be helping you to organize your travel home.


     You are free to call us or fill in the contact form in the Apply for Job section. Our dedicated staff will be in touch as soon as possible. Any further questions can be answered through our contact section.